7 Amazon Secrete Tricks : Which Saves You a Ton of Money

    7 Amazon Secrete Tricks

    As everyone knows Amazon is among one of the best website with plenty of products in different category. Today we are going to serve you with 15 tips and tricks by using them you can save more money and get cashback offers and much more.

    Amazon Tips and Tricks to Save More Money

    1. Automatic Refund

    Automatic refund means you will get automatically refund if price drops of the product you purchase. You need to simply register on paribus.co. It will track on prices and place claim for refund on your behalf.

    You have to allow Paribus to access your password and connect it with your e-mail. After this it will review the purchase through e-mail you receive and start claiming return.

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    2. Filter Out Discounted products

    To quickly filter out discounted products on Amazon we have simple trick, which will work for this. You just need to use a code-&pct-off= at the end of the link with how much discount you want to apply.

    For example- you want to see products under 50%-60% discount, than you just need to type at the end of link- &pct-off=50-60 . You will get the result for your search under mentioned discounted range.

    3. Get 5% off on Amazon Store Card

    If you shop using Amazon store card you will get instant 5% off. Every time you use store card for shopping you will get 5% instant discount. You can apply for Store card from here-  Amazon Store Card.

    It’s a store card means it has high interest rate. So, make sure that you can pay back each month without any issue.

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    4. Free 20$ Amazon Gift Card

    Very few people know about this trick that , Amazon store card not only gives you 5% discount on each purchase but also gives you 20$ Amazon gift card to your account instantly.

    5. Get Free Amazon Gift Card

    You can find hundreds of ways to get free Amazon gift card. We have easiest way by using it you can easily get your free amazon gift card.

    You have to just login in- swagbucks.com and here you can earn points by watching videos, trailers, shopping and other online stuff. You can join here free of cost and covert your earned points into Amazon gift card.

    6. Get Discount by Keeping product on Cart

    Using this simple trick you can get discount, you just need to keep your product on cart for few days and you will get notification from amazon that “you have left a item in your cart”.

    Business like Amazon wants you to buy not to stay. So, they will serve you discount or coupons to complete you purchase. This whole process is known as “shopping cart abandonment”.

    7. Get Cashback on Each Purchase

    This is an easiest trick to earn cashback on each purchase. There are many sites which are providing cashback , so need to go at the cashback site and click on amazon link and place your order.

    You can use Ebates.com , well known website with highest cashback rates.