Top Best Business Apps for your device|2018


Perfect businessman always known for smart work. Basically smart work is totally depends on how you manage your time equally with different task.For any businessman it’s important to keep an eye every minute to business and always want to stay connected with staff.

Here we have selected some best business applications for you. Check them out :

1. SlideShark – Presentation App

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This application is mostly used by sales professionals and also won the awards for great work. Basic use of application is to, present and share presentation from different iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. And also gives you 15 days trial package, so you can better understand the application.

Application is going to discontinued and will not be available in app store after 31, December,2018,but the application will be still available for its existing users. Only new accounts will no longer created after the date mentioned.

2. MailChimp

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Recently app got new update ,now you create and run Facebook and Instagram ads also. From now you can also target old people( whom you already talked) and also new peoples by using this application data with quick and simple steps. User can also track Facebook and Instagram ads details,and can make good decisions. Application also allows you to create and send emails and manage subscriber so you can always be on top.


3. QuickBook

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This application allows you to manage your small business easily.If your using this app you don’t need any accounting expert to keep your bookkeeping well managed. It comes with many features e.g, you can create invoice, manage expenses and cash flow and also check your profit and loss.Application allows you to customize your all sales with logo and fields.


4. Things 3

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Businessman has number of tasks in a day. It is hard to handle all work alone, So you can use this award winning application and manage all your work. This application won the award for its excellent performance. In this, you can set goals and create a project and also add up some important task to remember them.Here you will find list named ‘Today’ which will help you to find out what you have to do today, it will make your work easy. Price of this application is $9.99 only.


5. Zoho – CRM App

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This great app will always keep you on the top by managing your work . Application is good in managing your clients and always keep up-to-date about their interest. This application turn your iPhone into personal sales assistant. You can also locate your leads and this will  increase your sales. By this application you can also schedule your meetings and other work. Also allows offline access to customers information, In case your out of coverage area of network. You can easily edit and delete records. It allows the access of  your contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, events, call logs, vendors, and products stored in CRM.

These all are the top applications, by using this you can easily manage your business as well as time. You can divide your time for every work and also set reminder so you never miss any important meetings and all. Comment down if you have any questions.