Club Factory leading e-commerce brand is now focusing on Indian millennials for affordable glamour


About brand

Club Factory is the leading cross-border eCommerce platform with a strong presence in South Asia, Europe, United States and Middle East regions. India is the leading market for Club Factory accounting for nearly 40 million users out of its 70 million users globally. Founded by Vincent Lou, Club Factory use AI and knowledge graph technologies to optimize the supply chain for cross-border trade. It offers users the best prices in the industry by connecting them directly to factory outlets from all over the world.

Club Factory, the leading cross-border E-Commerce platform and currently one of the most popular shopping apps on Google Play, is looking at strengthening focus on India market by scaling up operations in an endeavor to further connect with millennials across the country.
Club Factory has gained immense popularity and positive word-of-mouth from users in India to become one of the most downloaded shopping apps in the country. According to App Annie, Club Factory is ranked amongst the top e-commerce platforms in India.
As a testimony to its organic growth, the company has received over 30,000 User Generated Content (UGC) videos on YouTube showing users doing unboxing and shopping experience videos. Club Factory boasts of a great selection of modern, trendy and unique products ranging from apparels, shoes, jewelry, home d├ęcor, handbags, beauty products to gadgets and appliances. The company uses its proprietary, big data and AI technology to manage the supply chain effectively, recommend relevant products to the users and compare prices from multiple manufacturers in real-time to present the customer with the lowest price for a product.

Club Factory is soon expected to come up with a unique range of next-generation products at an absolute value for money price range with a host of exciting offers and discounts.

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