95 Alibaba Philanthropy Week: Hosted 1st time in India


About Alibaba Foundation

In 2011, Alibaba Group established the Alibaba Foundation, a private charity fund which has earmarked 0.3% of Alibaba Group’s annual revenue to fund efforts designed to support environmental protection in China and helping the disadvantaged. In the fiscal year 2018, Alibaba Group and the Alibaba Foundation made approximately RMB230 million (US$37 million) in donations.

On the occasion of UN International Day of Charity in memory of Mother Teresa, the Alibaba Foundation, a private charity fund established by Alibaba Group, jointly with UCWeb, a business within Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, hosted the Global Forum of the XIN Philanthropy Conference 2018. It is the first conference of this kind to be held out of China.

Facilitated by Indian performing artist and Founder of Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation Gul Panag, the Global Forum of Xin Philanthropy Conference has turned into a conspicuous social occasion of Indian eminent donors and open welfare advocates. Mainstream Hindi film whiz Kangana Ranaut has joined the roundtable to share individual experience being a bleeding edge backer of ladies fairness; remarkable speakers inside the worldwide welfare and business spaces incorporates Robin Raina, the Chairman, CEO and President of Ebix Inc. furthermore, author of the Robin Raina Foundation, Abha Singh, legal advisor, social extremist and organizer of Rann-Samar Foundation, and so forth. Current status of ladies equity and instruction, creative arrangements with "Web in addition to altruism" show was about, given the pattern that web has conveyed troublesome change to each part of our lives. As per Alibaba's theory of altruism, innovation can bring down the obstruction for every person to take an interest in generosity and release "The Power of Small" to drive enormous change for open welfare.

"As the world's first Internet organization that coordinates generosity into its center technique," expressed on the event by Shunyan Zhu, President of UC, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, "Alibaba's charity is without an outskirt. That is the reason we remove the XIN Philanthropy Conference from China out of the blue, here in India. It demonstrates significance of India for Alibaba. This is likewise the first run through our Internet in addition to Philanthropy Model has set its foot on the worldwide way."
A business within Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, UC has rooted in India for 7 years, amplifying Alibaba’s charitable efforts with the global breadth and Indian depth along with its business influence and brand reputation. With its new mission of Bigger We-Media, Bigger You, UC Browser, a leading content platform with 130 million monthly active users, will work with Indian content creators to build a responsible content ecosystem. “We will use Internet technology to bridge the inequality gap, and eliminate poverty with knowledge and information,” said Mr. Shunyan Zhu.

With its user influence and brand reputation in the Indian market, UC launched a series of philanthropic projects on three main perspectives, first one is Children Protection, second is Education, and last is about Women Empowerment. UC joined hands with Indian Charity group Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation and initiated the #SafeChildhoodSafeIndia campaign on June 12th, the International Anti-Child Labor Day. The UC Anti-Child Labor Initiative has gained supports from 60,000 users within one day only.

Instruction insightful, accordance with India government arrangement, Alibaba Group propelled the "Mission Million Books". Started in 2016, the task plans to give 1 million books to underprivileged schools and universities crosswise over India to help teach and engage the nation's youngsters and youth. Books gathered through different gift courses offered to these instructive foundations at no cost. In a limited ability to focus 8 lac books have just been gathered and near 7 lac gave affecting near 2.5 million understudies crosswise over in excess of 2000 foundations in India. Another push to enhance kids instruction is UC Shiksha crusade. UC Shiksha is a client fueled online-to-disconnected book gift program, pulled in invetsment around1.5 million clients inside two months and profited 50,000 understudies. UC is wanting to grow the scope and profundity of the venture to help more kids in require in a more far-reaching way.

Aside from engaging nearby beneficent associations, UC endeavors to enable the ladies in India. As the second most populated nation, India has unexplored power from ladies. In light of the conviction that the Internet is an equivalent stage, UC Browser built up the UC Women's channel, right off the bat in India, that gives information in way of life, design, and profession, it enables ladies to center around self-development and self-acknowledgment. The ladies arranged news channel has influenced 7.5 million clients since its dispatch in April. Notwithstanding that, UC commences #Shedeservestoknow battle driven by the outstanding Bollywood performing artist Kangana Ranaut and champs of UC Miss Cricket. They share the learning of how ladies ought to enable themselves through #Shedervestoknow. "I pride myself of being a daring lady who trusts that ladies strengthening is a development that needs to assume control over the world. It has been a joy for me to be here to observe a brand like Alibaba and UC empowering ladies and giving us a stage where computerized education and strengthening are essential centers," said Ms. Kangana Ranaut, who is likewise connected with the #Shedeservestoknow strengthening venture.

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