editor ji: shaping the future of video news


editor ji Technologies

Editor ji founded by one of India’s best-known TV news personalities, Vikram Chandra, who is also considered one of the key players in the evolution of India’s digital journey, after successfully setting up NDTV.com editor ji will provide one-tap access to customized video newscasts and will also allow individuals and organizations to create their own newscasts on the fly.

This is not just another news app. It’s a multilingual video news platform. Which provides a completely different way to experience news on-the-go and seeks to provide personalised newscasts using a powerful AI algorithm.

The editor ji platform tries to provide a solution to all these problems.

It is a platform that uses AI to enable the linear streaming of multiple video news stories to give a viewer instant access to all the news and information. That is of relevance to them. . The platform already features more than 100 video stories a day. Across genres like politics, international, local stories, sports, business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment. The number of news videos will increase shortly as multiple content providers come online. The platform is in English and Hindi for now, but the number of languages will also increase soon.

Users can skip stories that they don’t want to see by simply swiping.

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