Are You What's App Addict ? Then This News Is For You

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Whats app spam messages news is not new on the internet and these messages are also annoy people on text and emails most of the time.

Recently, a new bug has been reported by many people, the spam message is start with a 'black dot' and ends with 'Don't Touch Here' has a virus which can hang the whats app application.

People are forwarding this message too much and now the message is on trending.

The truth of  the message, which is getting forward these days is it has some invisible characters which crash the application. It may look like a prank as human tendency is to tap the message especially to see what happens next. 

Right now, the bug is affecting the Android smartphones only, but people with iPhone should be aware about this bug.

This is not first time that such message is circulating in this platform.If you get this type f messages, then make sure not to touch and delete them directly.

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