Now Say Bye Bye To Facebook And Switch To HELLO Network

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Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of social network and CEO of Hello Network, today launched Hello social Network in India. The app is built specially for the new mobile generation and brings people together around their interest to create positive, meaningful, authentic connections and sustained social engagement. 

Vision Of HELLO 

The vision of Hello is simple and clear to connect the world through shared passion. 

What Is Hello

Hello is an platform which enables meaningful authentic engagement and sustain social connections between people all over the world. Hello models the ways people pursue their their interest and make friends on their interest based in the real world to overcome the artificial barriers and behavior created by the technology around connecting and communicating. Hello is platform where we can talk real people about the real things which they feel interesting.

Goals Of Hello

Hello helps people to find other who share their interest and to make meaningful connections. It create a fun,safe, happy, welcoming place for everyone to have authentic interaction around shared passion. 

Feedback Got In INDIA

  • 90% will continue to use hello
  • 85% people would recommend to their friends
  • 76% were able to connect with people who shared their interests
  • Finds people who share same interest
  • The open and welcoming community 
You can download app from here HELLO NETWORK.

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