Lock Audio Recording on What's App New Update ( see how to activate)

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What's App messenger is a free messaging app available for android and other smartphones. What's app use you'r phone internet connection to let you message and call friends and family.

Now What's app is coming with new update that will allow android users to lock audio recordings. This feature will be available in update v2.18.102.

Earlier, for voice recording on Whats App made you hold to the recording  button. It means, one of your hand was busy and you could not use the app. After this update you can use the app while voice recording a message. To get the locked audio recording feature , you will have to tap and hold the "mic" icon in the chat. The option of a 'lock' will appear about in 0.5 seconds.

After this you should be able to slide your finger up to start the lock recording. If you have locked the audio recording, Whats app will allow you to navigate the chat with you not holding the microphone button.
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With this update, there are certain restriction as well. With lock recordings on Whatsapp, you cannot view a photo or a video. For ios users, those who have iPhone 6S or newer device, will be able to view with use of 3D Touch action. The second restriction will be that you cannot type a message, you will need to end the voice recording to type a new message. When you are recording a "locked" voice message on Whatsapp, you cannot move to any other chat.

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