More Than 60,000 iPhone Users Sue On Apple

Yes, you read right, more than 60,000 users of iPhone sue on Apple for damage at South Korea. Total of 63,767 users of iPhone have lodge the country's biggest-ever class action lawsuit against Apple for damage of worth millions.
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It was the country's biggest-ever class action suit in history. Hannuri, a local law firm which represent the users, field the class action lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court against Apple and Apple Korea, the local unit of the iPhone manufacture, reports Xinhua news agency.

Apple was accused of slowing down old iPhones through software tweak to make users buy new ones once a new model is released. iPhone maker claimed that its software intentionally slowed some models under certain circumstances to protect them from automatically shutting down.

The iPhone users demanded the damages worth 200,000 won ($188) per plaintiff, or 12.75 billion won ($12 million ) in total. 

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