Google's Wear OS Got Lots Of Battery Saving

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Google has now comes with a very first developers version of its all new Wear OS Wearable Operating System, which is set to replace the Android Wear Brand. This will also boost device battery life, the rebrand also bring the system in line with the new function of Android P, the updated version of google's mobile operating system, coming at the end of 2018. 

Google is completely ready to replace entire its wearable operating system, Android Wear with Wear OS. The final version isn't likely to roll out for several months, certain new features have already been unveiled in this first iteration, exclusively for developers. 

Wear OS gets a new dark interface (Dark UI). this theme is now the default, aimed at improving the read ability on a screen content and minimizing battery use. A black background can be seen in the notification stream and system launcher.

For further optimize device power and save battery life, applications will no longer to run in the background unless the watch is charging.

Currently, Android Wear is mainly used in smartwatches made by Asus (Zen Watch 2 and 3), Fossil , Huawei, Lenovo, LG, And Tag Heuer. But the sale of these smartwatches is struggling to take off.  

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