Challenge your limits with HotWheels cars debut display at Pacific Mall

 Pacific Mall, Delhi’s premium shopping, entertainment and leisure destinations in Delhi and NCR Region has always been host to Auto Cars show, vintage car exhibition. This year for the first time the malls brings two latest models – HW FLAMES and HW RACE TEAM which will be on display from 16th to 18th February.

Pacific Mallis featuring the unmissable Hot Wheels insignia for kids and patrons of all age. In a first-of-its-kind endeavor, Pacific Mall has teamed up with Mattel Toys to showcase two life-sized Hot Wheels cars, earlier launched and showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. The two new cars showcased at Auto Expo will bring alive creativity and innovation, representing the best of classic and modern times. While one car depicts the vintage, retro era of the 60s, the second car displays a modern, millennial style, representing designs and innovation of the 21st century. Both cars together seamlessly highlight the journey, growth and offering of Hot Wheels in the last 50 years for its beloved fans. Keeping the feel of Hot Wheels toys, these life-sized cars can be easily identified by any Hot Wheels enthusiasts as the designs include Hot Wheels signature flames!

One can also, Shop and eat for Rs 500 and can witness a first-of-its-kind fully interactive gaming-zone, inclusive of exciting track sets, virtual-reality challenges, interactive Trajectory Zone, Test Drive Zone and Slot Racer Zone with which one can challenge their limits.
 Riding the wave of its 50-year celebrations, Hot Wheels seamlessly integrates its latest campaign, Challenge Accepted that aims at instilling the challenger spirit amongst young children. The campaign blends in Mattel’s philosophy of Play with purpose by showcasing concepts of physics, aim, angle and speed; driving children to exploring their truest potential.

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