Jio phones now available on Amazon India

Amazon India is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms for purchasing a wide range of products, including mobile phones. But not all the sellers' products on the massive e-commerce platform are worth going for. In one such instance, a red flag has been raised for not one but two JioPhone listings, which come without any consent from Reliance Jio.
But that's not the only reason to stay clear of these listings.
The first listing comes from a seller called GADGET GEEK BUSINESS SOLUTION, which has the lauded "India ka Smartphone" at a higher price of Rs. 1,745 plus Rs. 100 towards delivery. Upon closer inspection, the listing reveals that the JioPhone offers dual SIM card support, while the original phone is a single-SIM model that supports only Jio SIM card, BGR reported. Another crucial point is that the seller has got just 1.1 ratings out of 5.
Another listing on the same platform comes from a seller called MY e-WORLD, which is selling the JioPhone for an even higher price at Rs. 1,922, India Today spotted. The report also notes that some customers have purchased the phone from these unauthorised sellers and have got the real product in good condition. But paying extra for the product that is available easily in stores is just unacceptable.
Where to buy JioPhone?
JioPhone is available only in offline stores, including Reliance Retail. Earlier customers had to pre-book the phone online before heading to the store, but it seems like there are no more issues with stocking so you can head over to the nearest store for your handset.
Do remember to carry your Aadhaar details for instant activation of your new Jio SIM card with a prepaid plan for Rs. 153. You'll have to pay Rs. 1,500 up front, which will be refunded to you after returning the device in working condition after 3 years.

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