Finally Apple wins battle with Samsung on SLIDE TO UNLOCK gesture.The US Supreme Court declared on monday,November 6,2017 that it would be hear an appeal of the patent infringement case-now Samsung have to pay 120 million dollars to Apple in damages.

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In 2004 firstly case file by Apple,the case has been going through appeals in the courts ever since. The case majorly involves Apple's iconic slide to unlock patents and a few other less famous patents such as Apple's 'quick link' feature which automatically turns information such as phone number into a clickable link.                                                       
When the case entered the courts , Samsung was found to be guilty of infringing both patents and asked to pay 120 million dollars in damages.After that in 2016, the ruling was overturned - then reinstated again. And after three years of back and forth, the US Supreme Court has now finally laid the matter to rest - declaring Apple as victorious.

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