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There has never been a perfect phone. And there will never be. This is because devices always have room for improvements. The iPhone X too has a few things that could have been better. But if there is a phone that can be called perfect, then it is the iPhone X. It is a mix of all the goodness that we have seen in the iPhones in the last 10 years, rolled into a beautiful metal and glass frame, and served with a slice of future. The iPhone X is an expensive phone with a price of Rs 89,000 in India. But it is also a phone that is totally worth its price because it is the best phone made. Yet.
Did you notice I didn't say the iPhone X was the best iPhone made yet? The iPhone part is moot. It is "the best phone" made yet, despite its flaws, which are there and that I will explain in a while. The reason why the iPhone X is so good is because it has a design that is unique, yet familiar, has hardware that is fantastic, and gets almost everything, which is important in a phone, right.
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That screen. And design
We all have heard that bit: The design is subjective. True. But most of the time when you show people something that has been designed well and built well, they like it. The iPhone X has been designed well. It has been built with care and passion. It is gorgeous.
It is also an iPhone that comes with some radical design changes as far as iPhones go. But changes are for the better. In terms of size, the iPhone X is between the regular iPhone and the Plus version. It's bigger than the regular iPhone and at around 174 grams also heavier. But its narrower screen, even though the larger one with size of 5.8-inch, makes the iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. It is also lighter by around 30 grams, which is easily felt when you hold the iPhone X and use it.

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